A Manifesto

Think Links is both a blog and a project. As with all good projects, hopefully, this one will change and evolve over time. However, to start out I thought it would be good to put down the initial objectives and rough process of the project. A manifesto so to speak. As stated in the tagline for the blog, this is project is about provenance: the origins of stuff; where it came from, how it was produced, what are its component parts. In this age of globalization, its increasingly difficult to figure this out and its increasingly important. Provenance help us determine the quality of the stuff we use whether it is the vegetables we eat or the web pages we read. And to be honest, Made In China doesn’t help.

In this context, the broad aims of Think Links are:

  1. to help me understand the role that provenance plays in a global society, in particular, its role in how people judge the stuff they use;
  2. to promote people’s awareness of the provenance of their stuff
  3. to document and devise new ways of communicating provenance

To sum up, the aim is to think about the links back to the sources of our stuff.

    The process I plan to take is to be as open as serendipitous as I can be…. to have fun with it. I imagine that posts will range from interviews with people, to reviews of recent academic literature, to links to cool and effective design. I’m of the opinion that understanding the origins of things is a fundamental idea and thus, this project can range widely while still coalescing around the central aims above.  Hopefully, this project can do its small part to promote the production of quality by making people aware of provenance. 

    Finally, please feel free to comment, send me suggestions, or provide a guest post.

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