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After my post on Saturday about chinese food, merpel pointed out to me that the new issue of Wired has an entire issue devoted to the future of food. Of particular interest is the infographic shown above The Global Menu: Food from Afar that displays the distance that food has to travel to get to Iowa, which is some how apropos because I have roots there. It’s just amazing to me that in a place with such great soil where anything can grow apples are shipped in from 1726 miles away! I mean my grandmother who lives in Iowa has an orchard out back so its definitely possible….

Food is obviously a great example of provenance and it’s something I’ll be coming back to frequently, particularly, because it’s probably the example that gets people thinking the most… “how was the frozen meal I just purchased made?”

Here in California, I think it’s one of the reasons that Proposition 2 (a ballot initiative to regulate the confinement of animals) has a good chance of passing (72% in favor: Survey USA poll Sept.). People are beginning to care about how their food is produced and in this case how animals are treated before they make it to the dinner plate. There was a great piece in this past Sunday’s New York Times Sunday Magazine (The Barnyard Strategist) about Proposition 2 and the man behind the initiative, Wayne Pacelle, the director of the Humane Society.

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