e-Science 2008 talk

Hi, I’m giving a talk  at e-Science 2008 this morning on a distributed provenance query algorithm I developed. You can actually tune in by going to the multimedia portion of the e-Science site. For those of you watching the talk, I’d be interested in your comments, which you can leave here. Here’s the abstract of the talk:

As computational techniques for tracking provenance have become more widely used, applications are beginning to produce large quantities of provenance information. Furthermore, many of these applications are composed from distributed components (e.g., scientific workflows) that may, for reasons of scalability, security, or policy, need to store this information across multiple sites. In this paper, we describe an algorithm, D-PQuery, for determining the provenance of data from distributed sources of provenance information in a parallel fashion. To enable scientist to use D-PQuery on already existing Grid infrastructure, we present an implementation of the algorithm as a Condor DAGMan workflow that works across Kickstart records, which are produced in several production e-Science applications including the example application used in this paper, the astronomy application, Montage. Initial performance benchmarks are also presented.

Unfortunately, I’m on at the same time as End-to-End e-Science: Integrating Workflow, Query, Visualization, and Provenance at an Ocean Observatory, which I’d like to see. Maybe, I can use the video archives…we’ll see…

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