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Just over a week ago, we had a great AI seminar here at ISI with Christine Borgman. A professor at UCLA, she is at the leading edge of understanding how the academic process in particular academic communication is done now (i.e. with the advent of the interweb).  I wanted to wait and post about the talk until after I had finished her book Scholarship in the Digital Age but, as I’m only half way through,  in the interest of freshness I thought I’d put up the link now.

I’ll save my own thoughts on her ideas with respect to provenance until I’ve completed the book. But you should definitely check out her talk. She presents some really compelling ideas about the information value chain.

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  1. cpikas1 said:

    So – did you finish the book yet? I’m curious about your opinion on the provenance aspects…
    BTW it’s a PITA that you require a login to comment, don’t follow that URL to find me 🙂
    (oh, and P.S. – you met me at e-Science 2008)

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