Monthly Archives: June 2009

Check out Dan Brickley’s post on the chaos around tweets about Iran. The key quote from the post in my opinion is:

Without tools to trace reports to their source, to claims about their source from credible intermediaries, or evidence, this isn’t directly useful. Even grassroots journalists needs evidence.

Even with retweets it’s hard to figure out where information is coming from and from whom especially as it flows in real time.

pc3logoToday, was the start of the Provenance Challenge 3. A challenge focused on interoperability between computational provenance systems using the Open Provenance Model. 14 teams participated and are now presenting their submissions and discussing what’s next for the model and the community at the workshop. The workshop is being held at the University of Amsterdam and is sponsored by VL-e (a dutch e-Science project) and Microsoft. The event is already starting off great, plenty of interesting observations and some cool extra tools (provenance -> workflows).

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