Altmetrics Webinar for Journal Editors


I was invited by to do a webinar for Elsevier Journal Editors on Altmetrics this past Tuesday. You can find the complete recording here.  260 people attended live. The best part probably was the Q/A session starting 33 minutes in. Broadly, I would broadly characterize the questions as: “I really would like to use these but can you give me some assurances that they are ok.”  Anyway, have a listen for yourself. Hannah Foreman did a great job of directing (she also brought me a cake for my birthday!). I also thought it was great to see Mike Taylor doing a demo of ImpactStory. I felt this was an important webinar to do as it reaches a traditional journal editor audience that may have not yet fully gotten on board. A final note, thanks to Steve Pettifier for letting me use him as an example.



1 comment
  1. Hannah Foreman said:

    It was truely a pleasure to work with you Paul and I learnt so much! Thank you!

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