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Update: A full video of my talk on altmetrics has been posted. 

Altmetrics has seen an increasing interest as an alternative to traditional measures of academic performance. This past week I gave a talk in Amsterdam for Open Access week about how altmetrics can be used by academics and their organizations to highlight their broader set of contributions. These can be used to tell a richer and fuller story about how what we do has impact. The talk had a nice turn out of librarians, faculty and administrators (friendly faces below).

Audience for Altmetrics talk Open Access Week 2013

In relation to the talk, I was interviewed by the Dutch national newspaper, de Volkskrant, about the same theme (Twitter neemt wetenschap steeds meer de maat).


You can find the slides of the talk below. I’m told there will be video as well. A big thanks to the altmetrics community. The recent PLOS ALM workshop was a great resource for material. A big thanks goes to Cameron Neylon for allowing me to reuse some of his slides. Overall, I hope that I helped some more people understand how these new forms of metrics can help in showing the impact of what they do.

Yesterday, Luc (my coauthor) and I received our physical copies of Provenance: An Introduction to PROV in the mail. Even though the book is primarily designed to be distributed digitally – it’s always great actually holding a copy in your hands. You can now order your own physical copy on Amazon. The Amazon page for the book there also includes the ability to look inside the book.

booksonshelf Prov Book Cover

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