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jovescreenshotWhile working in Boston, I noticed a flyer for a talk to be given by the CEO of Jove (Journal of Visualized Experiments). Jove is a site that lets scientists post video of the protocols they develop for use in the lab. This is a great addition to text based protocols like those found at Nature Protocols. The site is nicely done with links to the original paper, comments, tags, etc. An important point is that all the videos are peer reviewed so that the quality is maintained. 

Here’s a link to a protocol for Staining Protocol in Gels. (Screenshot to the left) Unfortunately,  I don’t think the site allows you to embed the video protocols in other sites.

This is a great example of how technology can support the reproducibility of scientific work. I see this as a great adjunct to computational workflows where the input to the workflow comes from a bench experiment. For example, one could track the provenance of a digital result back through the computational procedure to the video of the procedure the lab scientists used to generate the input data. (myExperiment + Jove anyone?)

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